The NT

    On May 25, a new exhibit will go on display in the Gallery at the Portland Center of Arts Place.

    The exhibit, entitled A Maker’s Confession, features sculptural reliefs by artist Patrick Luber. Many of the pieces are made from recyclables and other common objects such as aluminum cans and brass nails.

    The exhibit will remain on display through June 27. There is no cost for admission and the public is invited to view the display.

    Luber has been creating and teaching others to create for many years. He earned a M.F.A. from the University of New Mexico in 1988. He has taught sculpting at the University of North Dakota for 27 years. His collections have appeared in countless galleries, juried shows and publications. His work is a part of the collection at the North Dakota Museum of Art, and his entry in the Annual International Juried Art Show at the Browsnville Museum of Art was awarded third prize.

    In describing the meaning and motivation behind his art, Luber says, “As a contemporary artist, I am interested in 2 of 2 participating in the current dialogue between art and religion (Christianity) through a fusion of contemporary artistic strategies, religious material culture, and popular culture.”

    Luber has not only created numerous artworks along this theme, he has also spoken at several summits and served as a guest lecturer at many universities on the relationship between art and religion.