If you are looking for a yoga studio in Montgomery County, perhaps Kindred Yoga is for you.

The North Wales studio that opened its doors at 1364 Welsh Road in November 2017 takes what Kindred Yoga owner and instructor Christa Stebbing defines as a “supportive, uplifting and safe” approach. Their mission is “to help people feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.”

“Our students tell us that they love our studio because they feel so welcomed by our staff and community – and they love how we support them individually,” Stebbing says. “We make yoga accessible for people of all ages, abilities, and body types and help each student make yoga work for their unique body, rather than pushing them to achieve unrealistic poses. All of our teachers are excellent at adapting yoga for different bodies, and we’re getting better and better.”

The goal of yoga, she adds, is to help people feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Kindred offers a range of classes including gentle, restorative and flow, and offers a place for all students to begin and grow in their practice of yoga. Stebbing advises starting with either a beginners course or a gentle class and progress to more vigorous flow classes.

“I realized several years ago that the way I used to teach yoga, and how it is still often taught, isn’t realistic or beneficial for many students,” Stebbing says. “I noticed that more and more students were coming to me with injuries, or they were older yogis who wanted more intentional movement than they get in gyms and many other studios.”

Stebbing sensed people desperately need space and peace in their often hectic, over-scheduled lives, so she created a peaceful place they could come to connect, heal and feel at home.

Nearly 15 years ago, Stebbing was unhealthy, stressed, overworked, depleted and disconnected, and wanted to make a change and live a healthier lifestyle. She turned to yoga for help in 2006, and it has remained her go-to health practice ever since.

“When I have temporary lapses, it reminds me of how much I need to be my healthiest, to feel my best, and to be the best person, wife, and mom that I can be,” she says.

Through her years of practicing yoga she has learned that you don’t always need to be perfect, and you need to give yourself time and compassion to learn, change and grow from your mistakes. She hopes to continue doing yoga until she turns 90.

“I love that it’s so adaptable that anyone can do it, and that I can choose to do it differently every day based on what I need,” she says. “I also love that it never gets boring for me. When I go into my practice with an open mind, I’m always discovering something new – so I’ll forever be a student of yoga.”

The students at Kindred are her top priority.

“If I have it in my heart to consistently do what will best serve my students, then I know I’m doing my best,” she explains. “I think my students know that I always have their best interest at heart and understand that I’ll never be perfect – and they don’t want me to be.”

Stebbing’s advice to everyone is to stop waiting and start practicing yoga now. Consistency is the key, and the more one practices yoga the more one will reap the benefits from it, she adds.

“Start today, don’t wait,” she says. “You will be so glad you took the first step.”

More information about Kindred Yoga can be found at kindredyogastudio.com/yoga-class-schedule.