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There are 3 phases to returning to play for Indiana High School Sports. Phase 1 runs July 6-19. Phase 2 runs July 20-August 14. Phase 3 starts August 15. Below is the Phase 1 plan for BJSHS.

Phase 1 Athletic Plan (July 6-19) 

Prior to attending any activity or conditioning session, an athlete must be “green” in Final Forms. This includes either obtaining a new physical in which a hard copy must be submitted to the Athletic Office or, if using last year’s physical, completing the 2-page Health Questionnaire & Consent Form. 

Copies of both forms are in the Athletic Office. Please double check to make sure everything is completed and signed to prevent your having to make a return trip to do so. One frequently forgotten part is to note your insurance company and policy number if you have checked that you have adequate family insurance coverage. 

More information can be found within. Regardless of which route you go, all pages completed on the form you use must be turned in to Mr. Uggen or Mrs. Musselman. 

Mr. Uggen will be in the office this week from 7am-3pm Monday, June 22 through Wednesday, June 24. Mrs. Goodspeed will also be in the main office from 8am-1pm Monday, June 22 through Friday, June 26 this week. The main office will be closed next week. It is also likely that the Athletic Office will also be closed next week.

Blackford Jr-Sr High School

Phase 1 Athletic Plan – July 6-19 

Note: To keep numbers down to more adequately keep social distancing as best we can initially on campus, there will be no youth clinics or camps (through Phases 1 & 2) nor any junior high activities (through August 3) with the exception of JH cheer camp on August 1 and 2 (because it was already planned months in advance and is the weekend leading into the fall season). Although August 3 in in the middle of Phase 2, that is the first official day of practice for fall sports. 

Primary focus will be on conditioning, heat acclimatization and individual drills. Contact is to be avoided. 

All activity and conditioning sessions are voluntary. Those individuals who are considered vulnerable or “at risk” are encouraged to seek medical guidance regarding his/her level of participation. 

Prior to attending any activity or conditioning session, an athlete must be “green” in Final Forms. This includes either obtaining a new physical in which a hard copy must be submitted to the Athletic Office or, if using last year’s physical, completing the 2-page Health Questionnaire & Consent Form. Copies of both forms are available in the Athletic Office. 

You can print out a new IHSAA Physical & Consent Form by going to:


(Please make sure your physical form is the same as the one shown at this URL.) 

You can print out the Health Questionnaire & Consent Form by going to: (Only need if using last year’s physical.) 

Note: If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions on the Health Questionnaire, you will have to get a new physical. 

What are activity sessions? Athletes work on fundamentals and skills of that sport using equipment. (practice) 

What are conditioning sessions? Athletes condition without using sport-specific equipment. (get in shape) 

Any confirmed case that has entered campus will set off the established predetermined thresholds for mitigation strategies by following ISDH’s recommendation to work with the local health department in following the guidance of

the CDC.

Pre-Session Screening 

Parents should pre-screen their athlete(s) prior to heading to a session. All coaches should do the same. 

An athlete or coach with a temperature of 100.4 or higher or who answers ‘Yes’ to any of the questions

shown below should not attend the session. 

Athletes and coaches must respond to screening questions each time they arrive for a session. The answers

will be recorded on paper and later in Final Forms. (for detailed record keeping purposes) 

An athlete or coach showing at least 3 symptoms based on the health screen questionnaire will be sent home. 

This will be recorded and the athletic director and school nurse will be informed immediately. 

The athletic director will report in Skyward anyone who shows symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19. 

The athlete must remain home until fever free unaided for 72 hours. 

Athletes and coaches with Covid symptoms will not be allowed to participate for at least 72 hours. 

Those who test positive for Covid will not be allowed to participate until a full written release is granted by a

doctor or medical professional. 

NOTE: Parents know their athletes better than we do. A cough that is known to be a normal result of allergies will not necessarily be a Covid symptom. Same for a higher temperature due to heavy activity prior to or during attendance, but parents and coaches should always err on the side of caution!

Health Screening Questions 

(Answering any three with ‘yes’ sends the student home.)

1. Have you had any new issues of shortness of breath?

2. Do you have a temperature over 100.4 degrees?

3. Have you had close contact or cared for someone with Covid-19 in the past 24 hours?

4. Do you have a cough?

5. Do you have a sore throat?

Symptoms of Covid 

(to be shared daily with athletes) 

A fever of 100.4 degrees or greater 


shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 


repeated shaking with chills 

muscle pain 


sore throat 

new loss of taste or smell 

Again, any athlete or coach who tests positive for Covid must have a full written release from a doctor or medical professional prior to returning to participate.

Day/Time Limitations for Phase 1 

The maximum amount of time per athlete per week is 15 hours on campus. 

This includes marching band, chalk time, activity sessions and conditioning sessions. 

Coaches and athletes can also add off-set online workouts, but they must be voluntary. 

The maximum number of activity days, by sport, in a week per athlete is 2. 

Activity days, by sport, cannot occur on consecutive days. 

Can an athlete attend more than one activity session in a day? Yes, but not in the same sport. 

The maximum hours per day, by sport, is 3. 

The maximum number of conditioning days in a week per athlete is 4. 

The maximum number of conditioning sessions in a day per athlete is 1. 

Can an activity or conditioning session be split into 2 sessions in one day? No.

Social Distancing 

Coaches and athletes will do their best to maintaining social distancing. 

6’ of space will be maintained by all coaches and athletes not directly involved in a drill during activity


As much space as possible will be maintained during conditioning sessions.

Group Limitations 

Group sizes will be limited whenever possible and by guidelines established for facilities. 

Within groups, coaches will attempt to put athletes into consistent smaller groups, called pods, in order

to reduce the number of athletes that each athlete is around. 

This will help coaches trace who has been in contact with an athlete with a symptom or Covid or who tests

positive for Covid. 

The athletic director, school nurse and parents of athletes involved will be contacted if someone in a

pod is known to have Covid symptoms or has tested positive. (If necessary, group will be made aware.) 

Please note that BJSHS will err on the side of caution in regard to sizes of groups/pods.

Locker Rooms/Shower 

Locker rooms will not be utilized in Phase 1. 

Athletes are expected to come dressed for their workout and leave immediately after their session is over. 

As a result, athletes will shower at home.

Sharing of Clothes, Towels 

and Water Bottles 

Athletes should not share clothes, towels or water bottles. 

Water bottles should ONLY be filled at the water filling station in the weight room hallway or from coolers. 

Athletes are NOT to fill their water bottles or drink from water fountains. 

Athletes should bring and use their own water bottle.


Athletes should wear their clothes home and launder them at home.

Weight Room 

We will not utilize the weight room during Phase 1. 

If necessary, free weights may be taken to another facility or outside if needed. 

Again, the primary focus will be on conditioning, heat acclimatization and individual drills.

Physical Contact 

Contact should be avoided in Phase 1. 

Again, the primary focus will be on conditioning, heat acclimatization and individual drills.

Face Coverings (Masks) 

Face coverings are recommended for all especially those who are not directly participating in an activity or drill. 

No one shall be told not to wear a mask unless the mask is causing issues due to strenuous activity or health concerns.

Covid (Education) 

All athletes and coaches are expected to know the symptoms of Covid. 

Placards and signs should be posted where they will be seen by all participants. 

Coaches should show a video on Covid. (once the video is shared by the IHSAA) 

Coaches should review the symptoms of Covid on a near daily basis.

Washing Hands 

Athletes and coaches should wash their hands prior to any session, prior to beginning an activity in a new

location/facility and after any session. 

Hand washing should last at least 20 seconds and should include warm water (preferred) and soap. 

Use a clean paper towel to dry your hands (or shake them dry). 

Do not share a towel with anyone else at any time.

Hand Sanitizer 

Hand sanitizer should be readily available. 

Use hand sanitizer before using any equipment that has been used by another athlete and after using any



Anyone using an inhaler shall make sure they are at least 6’ away from anyone prior to using.

Outside vs Inside Sessions 

Regardless of whether an activity or conditioning session, outside sessions are preferred if possible. 

This will not be possible for some sessions depending on the sport.

Cleaning of Facilities/Equipment 

Facilities (hard surfaces) will be wiped down after each session. 

The custodial staff will wipe down all facilities each night. 

All equipment in Phase 1 will be wiped down by coaches and/or athletes. 

Free weights, if used, will be wiped down by coaches and/or athletes between use. 

Note: Disinfectant from wipes/cleaners should remain on the surface for at least 15 seconds or left on.

Swimming Pool 

The pool can be used following all distancing and cleaning protocols.


There will be no competitions during Phase 1 so there is no need for bussing. 

If you have any questions, please email Tony Uggen at