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Eight months ago, I don’t think any of us thought we would be where we are at today. When IU Health first heard about COVID-19 and started preparing for a surge of patients, plans were for the immediate influx of patients. Many people were thinking, “Let’s get through the next month, 2 months, 3 months.” As we moved into spring and summer, the number of COVID+ patients at IU Health Blackford remained relatively low and there was possibly a sense of relief that set in, thinking things weren’t as bad as originally projected. However, we are now seeing an unprecedented number of patients, and COVID+ patients, and our team members continue working around the clock to fight this virus. 

The virus has hit all areas of the country, state and now Blackford County. Our team is working endlessly to care for our patients and although they may get frustrated, tired and burned out, they continue providing the highest quality of compassionate care. Like all great “Super” Heroes, we aren’t giving up. We are continuing to show up every day knowing the risks, but also knowing our patients and community needs us. 

This is a challenging time for everyone and we are all in this together. And together we will get through this. All of us at IU Health Blackford ask that you continue to take precautions…wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance and refrain from large gatherings. Make sure your family, friends and colleagues are doing OK, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. Your cooperation and continued support during this unprecedented time is needed now more than ever. Please help us slow the spread of this virus.

With care,

Dave Hyatt, IU Health Blackford President

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