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Adulthood is littered with tricky minefields of responsibility—take the right steps from the beginning and you can avoid disaster, but make too many wrong moves and things could turn out badly. Chief among the responsibilities that we must take seriously when leaving the safe confines of the classroom and entering the adult world are handling […]

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In today’s volatile economy and tumultuous job market, it pays to be ready for anything. Unfortunately, the concept of job security is increasingly becoming an antiquated notion, and regardless of whether or not we like our jobs or how diligent we are at handling our work responsibilities, most of us are susceptible to the possibility […]

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You’re in the interview. You have your talking points down cold, and you’ve rocked the small talk portion of the interview. You’re ready to talk about your job qualifications all day if you need to. Then the interviewer smiles, looks at you, and says, “This is all great. So where do you see yourself in […]

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As baseball sage Yogi Berra once said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” This feels especially fitting for the fast-spinning cycle that is hiring and job seeking, with technology and social media making it feel like things are shifting constantly. But there are already some trends showing for 2020, which you should […]

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Most of us who have been in the work world for a while have witnessed plenty of changes over the years—everything from how we search and apply for jobs to how we handle our professional responsibilities have undergone massive shifts, largely due to technological innovation and shifting economic and cultural forces that have transformed how […]

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Often when we hear about “unconscious bias” in hiring and recruiting it’s focused on gender or cultural discrimination. And while those are significant barriers to many job seekers, there’s one that can be just as insidious: ageism. Companies may not be intentionally discriminating against mid- or late-career employees, but many people inadvertently internalize stereotypes about […]

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There’s no denying it, the work world has witnessed seismic shifts in recent years. There are lots of factors contributing to this radical change—everything from unpredictable economic forces to massive waves of technological innovation have changed the way people approach the very notion of work. This shift exists on both ends of the spectrum, as […]

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In an ideal world, age would have no bearing on how you’re perceived as a potential employee. Skills and experience should count for, well, everything. And technically, it’s illegal for any potential employer to ask you your age. Yet the professional world is riddled with the same kind of biases as you’d find in other […]

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Even within the same industry, company culture can vary pretty drastically. One company may encourage creative problem-solving and innovation, while another wants things done in a very particular way, from the top down. One may explicitly encourage work-life balance, while another expects people to be available on phone or email after hours. If a job […]

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For all the anxieties over generational differences on the job (or in general—see every “OK boomer” meme), much has been made of Millennials’ role and attitude toward the workplace. But for every generalization about Millennials job hopping or wanting participation trophies, there are realities that this generation faces as it moves out of the entry-level […]

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