Student Council Attends Representative Assembly; Cagle & Dillon Honored

    Blackford High School student-athletes continue showing true leadership -- not just on the courts, mats and fields of competition, but also in state endeavors.

    On Monday, March 14, the BHS Student Council attended Representative Assembly in Indianapolis at the Convention Center.  This was in association with the Indiana Association of Student Council (IASC).

    This program brings high schools from all over the state of Indiana to participate. Elections of officers and District Representatives from across the state were held.  There are a total of 12 representatives across the state, two per region. Blackford has had the honor to hold both Central East District positions over the past two years. Sponsor Denise Rogers shared, “I am proud to say we will be holding those positions this next year as well.”

    Two years ago freshman Mark White became the first BHS student elected as a district representative. He served a two-year term. Last year sophomore Brianna Elkins became the second representative from Blackford. Mark finished his term this year which left a spot open.  Sophomore Khaley Sills ran for the position and beat several opponents out to become the 3rd Blackford student to be nominated as the Central East District Representative for the IASC!

    Senior Tyler Cagle received the award for Indiana Distinguished Student Leader. He was one of three seniors to receive this award. He has been a member of student council for three years. This past year, he served as student council president. He has attended many events through IASC such as SLI twice, Representative Assembly twice, and State Convention twice. After graduation he will attend SLI one last year as a Junior Counselor at Manchester University.

    Senior Brittaney Dillon received the Outstanding Service Award. She has been a member of student council for four years and has been active in several local activities including Homecoming, Riley Fundraising, Riley DM, Dude Be Nice, and much more.  She is also currently the president of Best Buddies and a member of HOSAA. This year, she attended the State Convention and Representative Assembly.

    Mrs. Rogers added, “I am very proud of all of my student council members. They are constantly working hard to be great leaders in the school and the community. I tell my kids quite often ‘You have to learn to step out of your comfort zone in order to grow.’ So many have done this. Look at what they have accomplished and the leaders that they have become.”