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Blackford’s swim teams traveled to Hagerstown last Tuesday, January 14, for another competitive night that resulted in the boys team’s eighth victory. 

The win already ties their record last year. The record for wins in a season by the boys is 11. The girls were competitive but severely outnumbered in their meet.

Girls’ Team Score 

Hagerstown 118 Blackford (3-7) 59

Girls’ Individual Results

200 Medley: 

1stRuby Slentz, Sophia Jennerjahn, 

Natalie Blakely, Kaylin Clamme

200 Free: 

4thAbby Langdon

5thMadi Ford

200 IM: 

2nd  Natalie Blakely

3rdCami Caldwell

50 Free: 

2ndKaylin Clamme

3rdRuby Slentz


2ndKyleigh Hahn

100 Butterfly: 

1stNatalie Blakely

4thKelli Rinker

100 Free: 

3rd  Ruby Slentz

4thKaylin Clamme

500 Free: 

2ndCami Caldwell

200 Free Relay

2nd  Kaylin Clamme, Ruby Slentz, 

Sophie Jennerjahn, Natalie Blakely

100 Backstroke: 

4thAbby Langdon

5thKylee Darnell

100 Breaststroke: 

2ndSophia Jennerjahn

400 Free Relay: 

1stKylee Darnell,  Mady Whitesell, 

Sophie Jennerjahn, Abby Langdon

Boys’ Team Score 

Blackford (8-1) 95 Hagerstown 63

Boys’ Individual Results

200 Medley: 

1stBode Malott, Ethan Miller, 

Drew Caldwell, Collin Penrod

3rdEthan Hidy, Braxton Malott, 

Lance Manley, Kendall Scher

200 Free: 

1stCarson Sehy

200 IM: 

1stDrew Caldwell

2ndLance Manley

50 Free: 

1stCollin Penrod

2ndBode Malott

4thEthan Miller

1 Diving: 

1stKyle Crabtree

100 Butterfly: 

1stDrew Caldwell

2ndCollin Penrod

100 Free: 

2ndCarson Sehy

3rdBraxton Malott

500 Free: 

2ndLance Manley

200 Free Relay: 

2ndDrew Caldwell, Carson Sehy, 

Bode Malott, Collin Penrod

100 Yard Backstroke: 

1stBode Malott

3rdEthan Hidy

5thKendall Scher

100 Yard Breaststroke: 

1stEthan Miller

4thBraxton Malott

400 Yard Free Relay: 

1stEthan Hidy,  Lance Manley, 

Kendall Scher, Carson Sehy