The NT

    The horrific scene that played out in Parkland, Florida last week reminds us all of the great responsibility we have to ensure that school safety is a priority and concern of all involved with educating our students. To that end, here are a few of the actions Blackford County Schools takes in terms of safety precautions for our students:

    1. There is a Countywide School Safety Committee that involves local authorities that meets two times per year to discuss various school safety items.

    2. Blackford County Schools has school safety plans for all buildings that have been developed in coordination with local authorities and are reviewed annually.

    3. Several employees participate in the School Safety Academy annually.

    4. BCS employs a full time School Resource Officer.

    5. All schools participate in school lockdown procedure drills.

    6. All buildings are locked and have single buzzer entry

    7. Any reported or perceived threat is dealt with proactively and law enforcement is engaged in order to ensure student safety.

    8. Building plans and future construction will be reviewed in order to enhance student safety.

    9. We continue to discuss and review ways to increase access to mental health and counseling services.

    10. Ongoing staff development regarding safety responses.