Blackford County Schools celebrated two of their retiring Blackford High School faculty members: Language Arts Teacher Mrs. Pam Jordan-Long and World Languages Teacher Mrs. Jill Palumbo. They were recently honored by their colleagues with a reception which they were joined by a number of current and retired BCS staff to help them celebrate this career milestone.

    Mrs. Pam Jordan-Long began her career teaching language arts at Jones Middle School in Marion, Indiana. She left public school teaching to take a position in student development at Indiana Wesleyan University. Jordan-Long then returned to the classroom for one year at Washington High School in Indianapolis. From there she began a 22 year career at Taylor University, first as an English professor and academic dean on the Fort Wayne campus and then as a professor of professional writing on the Upland campus. She retired from Taylor University in 2014 and came to Blackford High School to teach senior English and dual credit courses.

    Mrs. Jill Palumbo graduated from Purdue University in 1985 with a BA in French Education. At that time there were only two French teaching positions open in the state of Indiana. She started teaching for Blackford County Schools that fall and now thirty-four years later is retiring. Palumbo started the Blackford Japanese Language Program in 1988 and taught four levels of French and Japanese for thirty years. When the administration decided the school was “too small” to have a Japanese program, she began studying Spanish and added it to her certification in 2012. For a few years she taught multiple levels of French and Japanese along with first-year Spanish. For the last couple years she has been teaching all the levels of French and one level of Spanish. Unfortunately, upon her retirement, the administration has decided to end the teaching of the French language in Blackford County. In 1988 they had a strong language department and students were able to choose to study German, Latin, French, Spanish and Japanese.

    Both Mrs. Pam Jordan-Long and Mrs. Jill Palumbo have made a huge impact on the Blackford County School students lives.