JROTC Award Recipients

Several members of the Blackford JROTC were the recipient of awards presented last week during the 2018 Blackford JROTC Award Ceremony

Awards presented during the ceremony included:

1. Military Order of World Wars: Kimberly Doty

2. Daughters of the American Revolution: Audrey Foster

3. American Legion (Military Excellence) Kyle Price

4. The National Sojourners Award Caitlyn Morgan

5. Noncommissioned Officers Award (McKenna Barnes, Gage Koenemann, Cody Thomas)

6. The Military Order of the Purple Heart Hailey Morris

7. Veterans of Foreign Wars Logun Dienberg

8. Superior Cadet (Lucas Gore, Thomas Parsons, Dylan Speidel, Hailey Morris, Zack Monce)

9. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry John Lancaster

10. The AMVETS Award (Jordan Charnley, Scott Garrison)

11. The Retired Enlisted Award Parker Crouch

12. The 82nd Airborne Award Dylan Speidel

13. The 101st Airborne Award (Gabby Henderson, Colton McNeal)

14. Daughters of the American Colonists Peyote Henderson

15. The 7th BRIGADE Marksmanship Excellence award McKenna Barnes

16. United States Daughters of 1812 Rosalie Berry

17. Academic Excellence Award (Lucas Gore, Nick Otwinowski, Tori Baker, Audrey Foster)

18. The Distinguished Cadet award Colton McNeal

19. The JROTC Medic Award Christopher Shockley

20. The JROTC Varsity Letter:

Collin Anderson, Tori Baker, McKenna Barnes, Rosalie Berry, Jordan Charnley, Parker Crouch, Logun Dienberg, Kimberly Doty, Austin Elkins, Brian Erb, Audrey Foster, Scott Garrison, Makayla Harrold, Damian Hayes Ð Smith, Gabrielle Henderson, Peyote Henderson, Dominic Hileman, Jared Hillman, Gage

Koenemann, John Lancaster, Colton McNeal, Zack Monce, Caitlyn Morgan, Hailey Morris, Thomas Parsons, Eli Perez, Kyle Price, CJ Shockley, Dylan Speidel, Cody Thomas, Dakota Willmann and Jacob