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If everything is in place by Saturday night, the Blackford Sports Network will begin live streaming all varsity boys and girls basketball games on the IHSAA Champions Network (IHSAAtv). These will be Pay Per View (PPV) events. The cost of viewing the game will be $9.95 per night. 

It was not an easy decision to go PPV, but with fan attendance limited, we will lose a lot of gate revenue to help pay for ’20-21 operating expenses. After talking with others, and hearing that many schools will we doing the same, we determined that PPV was the best way to help recuperate some of our losses due to COVID. 

Please don’t misunderstand. We wish we could have you at the game supporting our Bruins and $9.95 does sound like a lot. But if two people watch the live feed, they have already saved $2.05 at the gate and the cost of fuel to attend the game. If four people watch, they would save at least $15. In the end, it really is a pretty good bargain and you can still see the Bruins live and support the overall athletic program by tuning in. 

As a trade off, we also plan to try to show as many other events, junior high and high school, as we can live. These will mostly be home contests, including the JV basketball games. These will be broadcast, when able, for free on Facebook Live. I may start a new Facebook page solely to be used for these broadcasts. 

I would be remiss to not mention Steve Hurd, who started the Blackford Sports Network. He deserves a lot of credit and has been a big help for me in going out and finding companies to work with to pull this off. He also is providing us a GoPro and other items to do the broadcasts on Facebook Live. 

Finally, we are limited to one three-hour block a night to broadcast live via PPV so we are still working out a lot of details as this is all new to us. So please bear with us initially. We will do our best to share as many contests as we can.

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