The NT

Tri-Kappa Associate Chapter announces the winners of Bridge-a-rama for the month of November as follows:

Tournament A - Ladies Evening

First: Ann Ludwig and Sandy Hess by Ruth Jennerjahn, 4500

Second: Leslie Watters and Carolyn Hughes, 2550

Third: Ruth Jennerjahn and Nancy Bennett, 2520

Tournament C - Couples

First: Leslie Watters and Tracy Hughes, 4440

Second: Max Tatman and Dave Clamme, 3860

Third: Carolyn and Con Goetz by Carolyn Hughes, 2280

Tournament D -  Clubs

First: Pat Gaither for Tracy Hughes, 3950

Second: Max Tatman, 3930

Third: Carolyn Hughes, 3860


First: Sandy Hess and Ann Ludwig, 26.5

Second: Nancy Bennett and Ruth Jennerjahn, 23.5

Third: Dave Clamme and Pat Gaither, 21.5

All proceeds go toward a scholarship through the Community Foundation.