The NT

    The Blackford County Council last week adopted a 2019 budget of $9,371,158.

    The county’s actual budget figures for 2019 will not be final until the state gives its approval. Those figures may change during that process.

    Councilman Jack Beckley, in a Facebook post, praised the work of his fellow councilmen.

    “I feel this council once again did a fantastic job with the budgeting workshops. We were successful in cutting $201,982 from all departmental requests,” Beckley said. “Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that, even with cutting the budget as we did, we were also able to substantially increase our support and commitment to the Blackford County Senior Citizens Center and the 4-H program. These are wonderful programs that deserve our support.”

    During a budget appeals meeting last month, the council gave its approval to $12,000 in funding for the Blackford County Senior Citizen Center during a budget appeals hearing last week.

    During budget workshops held in August, the council had cut the senior center’s funding down to $3,000 and the 4-H budget to $5,000.

    After Blackford County Commissioner John Lancaster indicated during the budget appeals hearing that the Commissioners were considering using EDIT funds to provide further funding for the senior center, the council voted to approve $3,000 in funding from the council, and $9,000 in county EDIT funds. It also approved EDIT funds to make up the cut in funding for 4-H.

     Although the council voted to approve the spending of the EDIT funds, it is the Commissioners who actually have authority over the fund.