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In Re: The Marriage of Christina L. Sills and Rick Sills; Domestic Relations without Children.

In Re: The Estate of Allen L. Bole; Estate, Unsupervised.

Freedom Mortgage Corporation vs. Misty A. Franze; Mortgage Foreclosure.


Distressed Asset Portfolio III, LLC vs. Amanda Stinson; Civil Collection.

Brian L. Downam III; MC: Possession of Paraphernalia. MB: Possession or Sale of Adulterant or Synthetic Urine when the person is an owner. Criminal Misdemeanor.Β 

Mitchell T. Green; MC: Possession of Paraphernalia. MB: Possession of Marijuana. Criminal Misdemeanor.Β 

Charles B. Ramsey; F6: Auto Theft –Theft of entire automobile. F6: Resisting Law Enforcement-Same as 3929 but def. uses a vehicle to commit the offense. MC: Knowingly or Intentionally Operating Motor Vehicle w/o Ever Receiving a License. MC: Reckless Driving Drive at unreasonable high or low speed so to endanger safety. Felony 6.

Chad E. Maddox; F6: Operating Vehicle After Being Habitual Traffic Offender. MA: Theft. Felony 6.

Daylon Carll and Randy Carll vs. Allissa Sands; Small Claims.