1109 Clown face

With Halloween ending and fall coming to a close, you may be wondering what the deal was with those crazy “killer clown” rumors that had been circulating throughout Blackford County, and the rest of the country.

Hartford City Police Chief Scott Mealy claims that there is no truth to the rumors whatsoever.

Mealy says that the clowns are just a product of social media making it easier for dangerous rumors to spread in this day and age.

And boy, did they spread like wildfire. Several social media websites, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, spawned a plethora of clown sightings accounts.

Some of the accounts were specifically for clowns from Blackford. Photos and videos of supposed encounters with leering, creepy clowns watching from a distance provided shivers, while other videos of violent clown attacks actually sparked a real sense of danger in people.

For the most part these videos are obviously fake, discrediting the realism of the clowns. However, one anonymous eye-witness swears that the clown rumors are true and not to be taken lightly.

“There was a clown by the Waters Funeral Home and at the Sigma Phi Gamma Park sitting on the bench at 12 midnight,” says the witness.

Mealy disputes claims such as this, saying that no arrests have been made and only a few calls were made to the county sheriff’s department about the clowns being spotted. The few calls that came in about the clowns were investigated to no avail, leading him to the conclusion that they were never there in the first place.

“The clowns are absolutely just a hoax. No, I don’t think any killer clowns are actually out there,” says Mealy.

Blackford County Sheriff Jeff Sones refused to speak on the subject, but Deputy Sheriff Tony Scaggs was helpful enough to provide some insight on the rumors, stating that he was hopeful that with Halloween over, the clown rumors will stop.

“These rumors are dangerous, especially for kids,” says Scaggs. “Kids hear the rumors and it spooks them, making them feel unsafe. And if someone does decide, for whatever reason, to play a joke and wear a clown costume, they’re not only scaring kids, but putting themselves in danger too. You never know how someone is going to react when you instill this mass sense of paranoia in them.”

It seems that after all, the clowns are either just a wildfire rumor, an elaborate hoax, a boldfaced lie or a mixture of the three.

The killer clowns were most likely not a dangerous threat, but a Halloween-time tall tale that got out of hand.

Mealy gives some advice on what to do if you actually see a clown somewhere that makes you uncomfortable:

“If they are posing a threat, call 911 immediately. If they are not an emergency, call the sheriff’s department so we can investigate.”

Most of all, even if it’s not killer clowns, there is always real danger out there, so stay safe.