IU Health Blackford forms President’s Advisory Council_WEB.jpg

    IU Health Blackford recently formed a President’s Advisory Council (PAC) to assist executive leaders with setting the hospital’s operational and strategic direction, as well as reviewing progress on those initiatives. The council is composed of residents from across Blackford County who represent a broad range of professions and industries.

Current members of the PAC include: Dr. Thomas Stewart, IU Health Blackford Hospital Chief of Staff, Daniel Borgenheimer, Molly Hunt, Angela Smith, John Jackson, Julie Forcum, Dr. Lori Skidmore, Phil Freel and Ryan Goodspeed.

    The committee is in the process of formulating a charter which lists the following functions and duties of the group:

    1. Reviews operational reports and makes recommendations to executive leadership.

    2. Makes recommendations related to the strategic initiatives and major programs and services of the Hospital.

    3. Helps management identify critical strategic issues facing the Hospital and assists in the analysis of alternative strategic options.

    4. Ensures management has established an effective strategic planning process, including the development of a plan using Lean® tools and resources.

    5. Understands the organization’s industry and market/community. Keeps up-to-date on industry and local market trends, community health care needs, advances in technology, and other opportunities to improve the scope, cost effectiveness, and quality of services provided by the organization.

    The committee will have access to review the following reports:

1. Medical Staff membership reports

2. Quality and Harm Reports

3. Financial Reports

4. Community health needs assessment

5. Surveys of community/patient perceptions

6. Team Member Engagement Reports

    “It’s extremely important that we as an organization engage local community members and leaders in the strategic visioning and guidance of the hospital,” said Dave Hyatt, president, IU Health Blackford. “We are here to provide care for our community and we need them to be involved in what happens here strategically. I’m excited we have a group willing to be involved in the future of IU Health Blackford.”

    The committee is comprised of nine members and is scheduled to meet bi-monthly. Minutes of the council’s meetings will be kept and reported to the governing board of IU Health Blackford.