Let’s Learn About Chemistry is a newly-released board book by Indiana scientist and mother Stephanie Ryan

INDIANAPOLIS, IN June 11th 2020 —Hartford City native Stephanie Ryan, PhD, who now lives in Carmel, recently released Let’s Learn about Chemistry (Ryan Education Consulting LLC, June 2, 2020), a groundbreaking board book for children ages 0+ created in order to introduce young minds to accelerated learning STEM concepts in a fun, engaging way.

Backed by a wildly enthusiastic Kickstarter campaign, Ryan’s Let’s Learn About Chemistry immediately garnered attention from parents, teachers, and scientists eager to find ways to bring often-difficult science concepts to life. As part of the Kickstarter campaign, Ryan not only donated over 160 books to Bernie’s Book Bank in Chicago but also gave a copy of the book to each Head Start Program in the State of Indiana.

On the day of release, Let’s Learn About Chemistry jumped to the #1 spot on Amazon’s new releases list for the Children’s Chemistry Books category, and has since remained on top.

Stephanie Ryan earned her PhD in Learning Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her BS in Chemistry from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame. The founder of Ryan Education Consulting LLC, she has a strong background in chemistry and biology and experience in curriculum development, assessment, and training. Let’s Learn About Chemistry was inspired by watching her son Charlie play, when she realized that many general chemistry concepts could be shown to kids at an earlier age using ideas and games they are already familiar with, such as categorizing things as “similar” or “different.” For more information, visit letslearnaboutscience.com.