Montpelier Elementary School, Blackford High School and Blackford Junior High School all now have adaptive bike for use at each of the schools, thanks to RAC Trykes, a Muncie-based nonprofit organization created with the mission of helping people with disabilities who would benefit from using a therapeutic tricycle.     The tricycles create mobility and independence for people with disabilities. The organization is a chapter of Ambucks.

    Kevin and John Persinger, who started RAC Trykes in 2012 in honor of Robert and Clara Persinger, presented the three tricycles to Linda Wallace, Special Needs teacher at Blackford High School, last week at the high school.

    The tricycles, which each cost about $1,100, are specifically adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

    Last May, four life skills students at Blackford High School were each donated an adaptive bike by RAC Trykes. It was the first time that students in Blackford County were provided with the RAC Trykes. The tricyles were created specifically for each student.  

    Wallace said the bikes not only allow disabled students to ride a bike like other students but the bikes are also therapeutic, allowing the students to work their muscles while riding the tricyles.

    The group organizes various fund raising events to raise funds to purchase the bikes. Kevin Persinger said every dime  raised through the organization goes to purchase the tricyles.

    For more information on RAC Trykes or to donate, email or call John Persinger at (765)748-0894 or Kevin Persinger at (765) 748-6690.