Not only is there a nice stage at the recently created Weiler Park for future concerts in downtown Hartford City, some creative art pieces have now been placed in the park area as well.  

Local metal artist Pat McAtee, of Blackford County, created all three of the pieces. Resting on a six foot base on the South side of the park, a giant globe rises approximately 12 feet into the air. The globe, showing all seven continents, is 6 feet in diameter. Blackford Development Corporation member and County Commissioner John Oxley stated that he is looking into permanent solar lights to place on top of the globe to accentuate the piece. For now, though, it is dressed in Christmas lights.

Just to the left of the stage is a giant guitar.  If you look closely, you will see that it is formed from many different components, such as eating utensils, hinges, and other small metal objects. Stop by and see what all you can find in this unique piece.  This piece was donated to Weiler Park by the artist, Pat McAtee.

Lastly, but most definitely not least, is a piece donated by Blackford Development Corporation member Jon Creek. Hartford City’s very own Burning Man is located on the North side of the park. He stands, including arms raised, at over 14 feet tall.  This piece features an area where a wood fire can be lit during events.  

The Blackford Development Corporation would like to thank Dustin George of the Hartford City Greenscape Commission for decorating the area!  They look forward to announcing concerts and events that will hopefully take place in the park next year.  According the Commissioner John Oxley, they will have a manager to handle the rental of the stage and organizing of concerts and other events to be held there. Announcements regarding the management of the stage will come after the first of the year.

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