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    May 20 was the Senior’s Honors Day at Blackford High School. In addition to the naming of the three top students for the Class of 2018, more than 75 scholarships and honors were handed out during the two hour event in recognition of academic excellence.

    Bryce Parsons was named Valedictorian, and the role of  Salutatorian will be shared by Andrew Thurman and Lyndsey Waters. Commencement ceremonies for the  Class of 2018 will be held at 7 p.m. on Friday at Blackford High School.

    Other scholarships and honors announced the during the honors program included:

    National Honor Society Stoles – Tyler Cagle, Katlyn Cale, Brittaney Dillon, Erica McVicker, Bryce Parsons, Brianna Phillips, Hannah Reid, Blaine Riddle, Jacob Ross, Andrew Thurman, Quenton Thurman, Lyndsey Waters and  Haylie Williamson

    Gold Tassels – Catelynn Bennett, Helen Bennett, Tyler Cagle, Katlyn Cale, Quinn Cunningham, Brittaney Dillon, Dayton Dow, Dillan Glawson, Kendra Haynes, Jerry Hoover, Quinten Howard, Hannah Jenkinson, Grant Lambert, Bryce Parsons, Charlize Perkins, Brianna Phillips, Hannah Reid, Adrian Reidy, Blaine Riddle, Jacob Ross, Chance Stone, Zane Thompson, Andrew Thurman, Quenton Thurman, Lyndsey Waters, Brittany Watson and Haylie Williamson

    Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship – Bryce Parsons

    Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Finalists – Helen Bennett, Lyndsey Waters

    Lawrence H. & M. Irene Dick Memorial Scholarship – Andrew Thurman

    Psi Iota Xi Alpha Mu Chapter Scholarship – Haylie Williamson

    Blackford County Farm Bureau Scholarships – Katlyn Cale, Jacob Ross, Andrew Thurman

    Montpelier American Legion Auxiliary Past Presidents’ Scholarship – Autumn Miller

    Jones Family Farms Scholarships – Hannah Jenkinson, Sydney Stone

    David C. Ford Memorial Scholarship – Charlize Perkins

    Richard’s Restaurant Scholarships – Hanna Hawkins, Matthew Schmuck, Brittany Watson

    Ronald A. & Melanie J. Mason, Steve R. & Michelle Stafford, & G. Jewel Wilson Scholarships – Dylan Funkhouser and Logan Stephens

    Blackford County Republican Committee Scholarship – Charlize Perkins

    Pete Redmond Family Scholarship – Quinn Cunningham

    Jorden W. Nickols Memorial Scholarship – Dillan Glawson

    Travis R. Keplinger Memorial Scholarship – Catelynn Bennett

    Beta Sigma Phi Sorority Scholarship – Quenton Thurman

    Blackford Bruin Boosters Scholarships – Blaine Riddle, Quenton Thurman, William Witt

    Blackford Federation of Teachers’ Scholarship – Brittaney Dillon

    DAR Good Citizen Award – Lyndsey Waters

    Dianna M. Alfrey Memorial Scholarship – Adrian Reidy

    Hartford City Tri Kappa, Beta Xi Chapter, Academic Scholarship – Hannah Reid

    Hartford City Tri Kappa, Beta Xi Chapter, Vocational Scholarship – Landon Nuckols

    Trowel & Error Garden Club Scholarship – Andrew Thurman

    Hartford City Tri Kappa Associates Scholarship in Memory of Martha Archer & Arlo Fadely – Lyndsey Waters

    Kim A. Stump Memorial Scholarship – Quinn Cunningham

    Hartford City Kiwanis Key Club Scholarship – Sierria McPherson

    Blackford KBF Outstanding Senior Boy & Senior Girl Awards – Brittaney Dillon, Andrew Thurman

    Hartford City Kiwanis Scholarship in Memory of Michael McDougall – Aspen Kilty

    Hartford City Kiwanis Scholarship in Memory of Max Mecklenburg – Brittany Watson

    Hartford City Kiwanis Scholarship in Memory of Jim Evans – Sierria McPherson

    Mike Collins & Jerald E. Snyder Hartford City Kiwanis Club Memorial Scholarship – Logan Stephens

    Hartford City Rotary Scholarship – Jerry Hoover

    Hartford City Rotary Scholarship in Memory of E.P. Blackburn – Dayton Dow

    Blackford High School Student Council Scholarship – Brittaney Dillon

    Blackford High School National Honor Society Scholarships – Katlyn Cale, Andrew Thurman and Lyndsey Waters

    Blackford High School FFA Scholarship – Andrew Thurman

    Levi Hiestand Memorial Scholarship – Blaine Riddle

    Michael Cale Memorial Scholarship – Katlyn Cale

    Sigma Phi Gamma International Sorority Scholarships – Katlyn Cale and Erica McVicker

    Montpelier Tri Kappa Top Male and Top Female Awards – Bryce Parsons, Andrew Thurman

    Robert C. Neel Memorial Scholarship – Brittaney Dillon

    Bruce C. Bade Scholarship – Lyndsey Waters

    Vincent F. & Anna C. Cimino Community Scholarship – Quinten Howard

    Dr. Severino & Karen Sulit Charitable Foundation Scholarship – Zane Thompson

    Hartford City Elks Lodge No. 625 Scholarship – Jacob Heine

    Thomas E. McGeath & Jesse Lee Reynolds Memorial Scholarships – Chance Stone, Braxton Strait

    Harry and Arlene Bohr Memorial Scholarship – Quinn Cunningham

    Errol H. Washburn Memorial Scholarship – Katlyn Cale

    Delta Theta Tau Scholarship-In Memory of Dorothy Gadbury – Jered O’ Connell

    Hartford City Chamber of Commerce Scholarship – Kaitlyn McConnell

    Ed & Ruth Henderson Memorial Scholarship – Katelynn Elkins

    Floyd & Leatha Warner Memorial Scholarships – Katlyn Cale, Andrew Thurman

    Voyance & Zella Kegerreis Memorial Scholarship – Brittaney Dillon

    Clara C. Kitterman Memorial Scholarships – Tyler Cagle, Zachary Willmann

    Levy Educational Foundation Scholarships – Brianna Phillips, Hannah Reid, Haylie Williamson

    Cindy K. Maddox Memorial Scholarship – Adrian Reidy

    John R. & Jane C. Maddox Family Scholarship – Michaela Plumley

    Guy C. & Grace Glancy Mahorney Memorial Scholarship – Jered O’Connell

    Montpelier Lions Club Scholarship – Blaine Riddle

    Blackford Retired Teachers Association Scholarship-In Memory of Sue Lewellen & Sandy Strickland – Adrian Reidy

    Geraldine McFerren Myers Scholarships – Jacob Ross, Quenton Thurman

    Robert Bales Memorial Scholarship – Jacob Jones

    Hal & Gretchen Oberholzer Scholarship – Michaela Plumley

    Francis W. & Lucille M. Reidy Memorial Scholarships – Timothy Mitrikov, Reece Jenkins

    Francis W. & Winifred Reidy Memorial Scholarships – Timothy Mitrikov, Sydney Stone

    Robert W. & Betty L. Renner Community Scholarship – Preston Gordon

    Roth Family Scholarship – Brigett Phillips

    William E. & Patricia A. Schantz Community Scholarship – Lyndsey Waters

    Rich Scott Memorial Scholarship – Autumn Miller

    Montpelier Alumni Association Scholarships – Autumn Miller, Blaine Riddle

    June E. Overmeyer Memorial Scholarship – Brianna Phillips

    Kevin P. Reichard Memorial Football Scholarship – Jacob Heine

    Jean Ann Rhodes Memorial Baseball Scholarship – Jacob Ross

    Nancy Shorey Memorial Scholarship – Blaine Riddle

    Via Credit Union General Scholarship – Hannah Reid

    Democrat Central Committee Scholarship – Grant Lambert