If you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit take an evening stroll down the sidewalks of downtown Hartford City where you will see decorated windows, light displays and even decorated flower planters on many of the corners. 

It seems the small town charm is shining through as the downtown buildings are starting to fill again, new construction is being built, businesses continue to pop up, and old traditions are coming back to life.

Christmas has different meanings for different families but one thing is the same, Christmas is found in the heart not under the tree.

I encourage you to take your family on an evening stroll around the square to feel the small town charm all around you, a cruise down the streets to see glistening lights shining through your windows, attend one of the many Christmas events, stop into the local library to grab some books to snug up and read on the next snow day, or stop by one of the local coffee shops and grab a warm drink and sweet snack to enjoy on one of the many brisk mornings. 

Make the most out of this holiday season and bring joy to all those who cross your path!