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MARION, INDIANA — Mark Muselman, president of M2 Investments and a Taylor University alumnus, has returned to the area as the new owner of Turtle Creek Apartments. M2 Investments is a multi-family investment and management firm with eight other properties throughout Indiana, and Muselman said he’s excited to bring the business to Marion.

“Being a Taylor grad and living in Grant County for four years of my life, I’ve always loved this great part of the state,” Muselman said.

M2 Investments closed on the 130-unit property Thursday. Muselman said he intends to “continue the legacy” that the complex’s former owner had on the community for more than 25 years and build upon it by continually looking for ways to improve.

“Barrett & Stokely has proven to be one of the best operators in the state, and we are going to carry on the legacy of serving the residents well, and we will run a tremendous operation,” he said.

Muselman assured that management will remain the same, and the new ownership looks forward to being extremely involved with a regular on-site presence. According to its website, M2 Investments believes “in spirited community and transparent rental property management.”

Turtle Creek Apartments are located at 2116 West 2nd Street in Marion. To learn more about M2 Investments and its communities, visit InvestM2.com.