The splash pad in the Nature Play area behind the Hartford City Public Library hasn’t been open very long but the community sure has put it to use while it was. The splash pad opened for the first time on June 6 which leaking pipes from underneath were quickly discovered as well as a drain issue. Since then the library has opened the splash pad to the community a handful of times but had to close it until further notice beginning June 28 so the grounds can dry up enough for construction to start the following week.

    The Nature Play area is still underway as new and exciting areas continue to pop up. The Hartford City Public Library announced that during the construction of the splash pad they will also begin construction on a couple areas for new structures.

    The Nature Play is being designed as a literacy center behind the Hartford City Public Library, 314 N. High St., Hartford City. The, Nature Play will include a variety of learning spaces for reading, building, climbing, discovering nature, music and even a splash pad.

    Nature playgrounds have become more common all across the country. These nature playgrounds provide children the opportunity to explore, discover and learn while in a fun and playful outdoor space. Instead of the typical plastic and metal playground structure, the playground consist of a natural setting with wooden structures and everyday nature items to discover and learn with.