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Proud Pit Stop owners, Casey and Jayci Dick.

The Pit Stop is at it again, pulling the heartstrings of many in Blackford County with their generosity and caring hearts!

The Pit Stop, a new business to Hartford City (less then two months old), supplied lunches to school aged children during the week-long Blackford County Schools Fall Break back in October. During that week kids could go into the Pit Stop during set hours and choose from a hot dog or pb&j lunch that included fruit, chips and a beverage of their choice. On average they provided 50 children with lunches per day!

Jayci Dick, owner of the Pit Stop, says her father, Chris Townsend, seen a post on social media from Rita Litchfield inquiring about places for children to go for food while they were out of school on fall break because she knows that many children in the community rely on the schools to provide lunch. After seeing the post, he quickly called Dick to discuss what they could do to help solve the problem of his community’s children going hungry during the school break. Dicks, husband, Casey Dick, did some research and found that 63% of children in the community are on free or reduced lunch. They knew right away that they had to quickly brainstorm how they could help solve the problem of these children going without food for the week-long break. They reached out to Community and Family Services of Blackford County who came with arms wide open to help donate to this wonderful cause.

Jayci Dick gives credit to Litchfield for bringing the matter to light and stated, “if she (Litchfield) hadn’t posted that and brought light to the fact that it’s a real problem, we wouldn’t have started this.”

The Dick’s knew that with Thanksgiving break, these same children were going to face the issue of little to no lunch for the days that they were off and once again decided they would offer free lunch to school aged children during the break.

“We realize that for some children, being on break means they don’t get those meals. With our free lunch program, we can do our best to ensure that no kid goes without lunch,” the Dicks.

The Pit Stop is a drive-thru convenience store conveniently located on the main drive in Hartford City at 312 N. Walnut Street. The owners are Blackford County natives, Casey and Jayci Dick. The store provides almost everything you can purchase at any other convenience store including fountain drinks, bottled beverages, coffee, an array of snacks, tobacco products, hot foods including a daily lunch menu and more.