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The Blackford Lady Bruins may have been defeated, but they played their hearts out in a great effort against Waldron. It was a great game for the first 3 quarters with Blackford down about 5 most of the first 3 quarters. 

The Lady Bruins got off to a little bit of a slow start only scoring 6 points in the first with Liv Waters accounting for 5 of those. However, solid defense only allowing 10 kept it within 4. 

The second quarter was the best scoring quarter for the Lady Bruins and it was the smallest margin with only a 14-13 advantage for Waldron. Leas and Lamotte with 5, Cagle with 2 and Waters added 1. 

Coach Mitch Waters said, “In the first half I really felt good about where we were and felt confident we had a good opportunity to win the game. The biggest problem we had was denying the perimeter open shots as #21 Bogemann had 11 of their 24 in the 1st half. Otherwise, I felt like we did a great job of denying the post and forcing them to make difficult shots.” 

In the third quarter the Lady Bruins still fought hard and kept it around the 5 point range until about 30 seconds to go when Liv Waters was fouled out of the game. Waldron then was able to extend the lead to 8 prior to going into the 4th. Prior to fouling out Waters led the team in the 3rd with 4 points, 3 from Gracie Lamotte, 2 from Leas and Wicker, and 1 from Cagle. 

The fourth quarter slipped away pretty quickly as the Lady Bruins had no answer for Bella Larrison scoring 8 points in the post as Waldron pulled away to victory 60-41. Bri Stroble caught fire in the 4th with 6 points and Leas and Cagle added 2 in the quarter. 

Coach Mitch Waters said, “Our girls gave Waldron a great run especially for 3 quarters. We tried to stretch Liv Waters out a little more in the 3rd quarter even with 4 fouls because she was setting the tone for us in this game, but a tough 5th foul call against her really was the x factor going into the 4th. Liv may not lead the team in points, but she really helps set the tone offensively with the way she handles pressure from the other teams and is able to find open girls for easy buckets a lot in our offense. Also her length gives teams fits a lot of times and it showed the way they pounded the ball down low to finish the game on us. I am anything besides disappointed though, to go to Waldron play #8 ranked team that well for that long really says a lot about how good we are and how good we will be in the future.” 

BRUINS – Waters 10, Leas 9, Lamotte 8, Stroble 7, Cagle 5, Wicker 2

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