Sports banquet honors Blackford athletes who filled the community with many ‘cheer’-ful times

    The Winter Sports Award Program was held on Wednesday, March 7, at Blackford High School.  Athletic Director Tony Uggen discussed the local and national attention garnered by the boy’s basketball program and a delivered a message to all athletes to “stick together” moving forward. Here is a list of the awards presented.  

Girl’s Basketball

    Earning a Major B’s were Sophie Winger, Grace Simmons, Brianna Elkins (Mgr), and Jeni Rogers (Mgr).

    Earning patches for subsequent Major B’s were Catelynn Bennett, Kaitlyn Cale, Morgan Shroyer (Mgr), Makayla Harrold, Grace Marshall, Gretchen Messersmith, Hailey Morris, Dylan Messersmith, Erin Cagle, Gabrielle Reid, Jaycie Sones, and Helen Whitesell.

    Earning Captain’s patches were Catelynn Bennett, Katlyn Cale, and Gretchen Messersmith.

    Earning JV B’s were Andrea Gonzalez and Khaira Westerfield.

    Earning JV certificates for subsequent JV B’s were Bre Adney, Paige Maloney, Zoey Sawyer, and Alexa Hurd.

    Earning their numerals were Andrea Gonzalez and Khaira Westerfield.

    Other individual awards went to Gretchen Messersmith (Most Points Scored), Helen Whitesell (Most Field Goals), Jaycie Sones (Most Rebounds), Grace Simmons (Most Assists, Most Steals), and Hailey Morris (Most Improved).   

    The Lady Bruins finished the season 1-22 and finished 8th in the CIC. They were coached by Jack Norton with assistance from Pete Wiggins, and Kristi Shipley. The JV team went 8-13. They were coached by Kristi Shipley.


    Earning an award jacket was Ben Goodson.

    Those earning Major B’s were Trinity Adams, Kinser Crabtree, Kyle Crabtree, Kali Hodson, and Caitlin Morgan.

    Earning patches for subsequent Major B’s were Jackson Bell, Bethany Elkins, Lauriah Lytle, Colton McNeal, Autumn Miller, Ethan Miller, Eli Perez, Khaley Sills, Drake Smith, Natalie Thurman, Adam Ward, and Haelynn Withers.

    Earning numerals was Trinity Adams.

    Earning individual awards were Caitlin Morgan (Most Improved Cheerleader), Kinser Crabtree (Most Improved Male Cheerleader), and Haelynn Withers (Leadership Award).

    The cheer squad was coached by Danielle Goodspeed with assistance from Darcy Crouse and Sidney Goodspeed.


    Earning a Major B was McKenna Barnes.

    Earning patches for subsequent Major B’s were Tori Baker, Oliver Baronick, Ben Goodson, Jacob Heine, Isaac Justice, Brenner Romine, and Ethan Watt.

    Earning JV B’s were Shane Elam and Emma Lightle (Mgr).

    Earning JV certificates were Bre Adney (Mgr), Josslyn Clevenger, (Mgr), Melvin Hernandez, Melanie Southerland (Mgr).

    Earning individual awards were Oliver Baronick (MVP, Most Takedowns, Most Pins), McKenna Barnes (Cracker Jack Award), Jacob Heine (Cracker Jack Award), Brenner Romine (Cracker Jack Award), Ethan Watt (Most Improved), and Best Newcomer (Tori Baker).

    Earning her numerals was Emma Lightle.

    Oliver Baronick won the 285 pound title at the Jay County Sectional. Tori Baker finished as runner-up at the IHSGWA Girl’s State Finals.

    The Bruins finished 10-25 which was 7 wins better than the prior year. They finished 8th in the CIC. They were coached by Greg Garringer with assistance from Dawn Johnsen, Dylan Harris, and Donny Green.

Boys Swimming

    Earning their Major B were Lance Manley, Kendall Scher, Amia Barkdull (Mgr), Rose Berry (Mgr), and Madison Hudson (Mgr).

    Earning a patch for subsequent Major B’s were Drew Caldwell, Bode Malott, Ethan Miller, Collin Penrod, and Carson Sehy.

    Earning a Captain’s patch was Collin Penrod.

    The Bruins finished 2-10 on the season and were coached by Christine Geise with assistance from Jonathan Geise.

Girl’s Swimming

    Earning patches for subsequent Major B’s were Natalie Blakely, Katelynn Elkins, Audrey Foster, Gabrielle Henderson, Peyote Henderson, Jessica Manley, Rebecca Parsons, Brianna Yencer.

    Earning a Captain’s patch were Katelyn Elkins and Jessica Manley.

    The Lady Bruins finished the season 0-12 and were coached by Christine Geise with assistance from Jonathan Geise.

    Boy’s Basketball

    Earning Major B’s were JD Hoover, Luke Brown, Kayli Henderson (Mgr), Alison King (Mgr), Ellie Langdon (Mgr), and Emily Huffman (Mgr).

    Earning a patch for a subsequent Major B were Tyler Cagle, Ethan Huffman, Jacob Ross, Andrew Beckley, Spencer Blakely, Nathan Brown, Mark White, Caleb Mealy, Brandon Stroble, and Dalton Willmann.

    Earning JV certificates for subsequent JV B’s was Brandon Apple, Zach Herendeen, Drake Ramseyer, Rydge Dunica, Caleb Felver, Daniel Fields, Steffen Hoover, Peyton Hurd, Braydon Kunz, Nicholas Otwinowski, Jaden Reum, and Brayden Roberts.

    Earning their numerals were Terry Adams, Dane Baker, Luke Brown, Jayden Daugherty, and Cam Elam.

    Earning a Captain’s patch were JD Hoover, Tyler Cagle, Ethan Huffman, and Jacob Ross.

    Earning C-Team certificates were Terry Adams, Dane Baker, Bryce Berry, Tyler Brown, Jayden Daugherty, Cam Elam, and Tommie Stiles.

    Earning individual varsity awards were Luke Brown (FT Percentage, 2-Pt FG Percentage, 3-Pt FG Percentage, Most Assists, Most Steals), JD Hoover (Most Rebounds), and Mark White (Charges Taken).

    Earning individual JV awards were Nathan Brown (FT Percentage, 3-Pt FG Percentage), Dalton Willmann (2-Pt FG Percentage), Steffen Hoover (Most Rebounds), and Rydge Dunica (Most Assists, Most Steals).

    The Bruins were 14-9 on the season and finished 5th in the CIC. They were coached by Jerry Hoover with assistance from Don Hoover, Grant Newlin, Kent Davis, and Scott Love. The JV finished 9-13 and were coached by Grant Newlin. The C team finished 5-12 and were coached by Kent Davis with assistance from Scott Love.