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As the competition continues to intensify , the Bruin Harriers’ run proved once again their hard work and determination with great race times and some personal best times at the Maconaquah Invitational on Saturday. 

While the Ball State Cardinals traveled to Happy Valley to play the Nittany Lions, the Bruins and the Tigers of Alexandria used their field to play another exciting game. The Bruins weren’t quite as fortunate though, as the Tigers threw a 4th down 17 yard pass for a touchdown with 58 seconds…


(NewsUSA) - In the northern hemisphere, the sun's lower winter angle in the sky peers straight into your windows, causing glare, more fading from its UV rays and unwanted hotspots. The usual remedy is to block out the natural daylight with curtains or blinds. However, this may darken the int…

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(NewsUSA) - For many people, the idea of creating and sticking to a budget is intimidating. The thought of investing, managing debt and saving for major purchases, such as a house or car, can leave anyone overwhelmed.

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