Unbeknownst to many, the Northwest side of Blackford County is home to a hidden treasure. Beginning at the youth Soccer Field near Blackford high School is the Blackford Greenway Trail. This is a wonderful place to take a run, stroll or bike ride and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the nearly four mile path that is ten foot wide and paved with asphalt.

The trail was opened in May of 2018. Much of the land that the trail is on was donated by the Hile family. This trail winds gently through woodlands and nearby wetlands as well. There are signs dotting the pathway full of information on various species of plants and birds that might be seen along the trail. Chris Coy has made a number of birdhouses hung along, specifically designed for bluebirds in an attempt to help increase their population.

The trail is opened to non-motorized vehicles as well. In fact, for those who would like to enjoy the trail and are less mobile, the Blackford Greenway offers pedicab rides. The organization owns two of the vehicles. One is stored at each end of the trail. The vehicles are sort of a cross between a rickshaw and a bicycle. The rear of the three-wheeled vehicle resembles an old rickshaw like you may have seen in movies, two passenger seats with a seatbelt covered with a folding canvas top. The front of the vehicle resembles a typical bicycle where the driver sits and pedals to propel the vehicle forward. the vehicles are street legal and feature all of the necessary safety features. 

The organization is fully insured should any accidents occur. Blackford Greenway Inc. is in need of drivers riders and organizers for the unusual experience. Anyone who is interested in taking a ride, or helping out with the rides can search “Blackford Greenway” on Facebook, or call (765) 499-1100.  

“This is a great way for some of our older residents to get out and enjoy the trail,” said Fred Hoffman of Blackford Greenway Inc.” “I’ve taken many residents of nearby Crown Pointe for rides along the Greenway,” he continues. “They really seem to like getting out and enjoying nature for a while,” he adds. “Lots of people come out here to exercise or just to get away from things,” says Hoffman.

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