Downtown Hartford City has lost another of its old buildings. A hole opened in the Southeast corner of the century old vacant building at 110 East Washington Street on May 1. First responders reported to the scene and meetings with a structural engineer to assess the situation began. “Safety is our main concern,” stated Mayor Dan Eckstein. “There is a process that we must go through to make sure that the building is taken down safely, unfortunately that process takes time,” he explained. “We also began talking with the manager of the apartment building across the alley at this time,” the Mayor explained.

Unfortunately that was time that the building did not have. Last Wednesday, the rear portion of the building crumbled to the ground. A resident of the apartment building received relatively minor injuries when a falling brick struck them in the hip. The residents of the 11 apartments in the building have been evacuated until the building can be safely taken down. Some have family that they are staying with, The Red Cross has assisted others in finding housing. “We have also been working with the office of the Lieutenant Governor and State Representative J.D. Prescott to find temporary housing for those residents,” said Eckstein.