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Hartford City Mayor Dan Eckstein has officially filed for re-election in the upcoming election.

Nearing the end of his first term as Hartford City’s Mayor, Dan Eckstein has officially filed for re-election. “We’ve made great strides during my first term and there is still a lot that I would like to do to continue to make Hartford City and Blackford County better,” said Eckstein of his decision to run for another term.

“My first term has been interesting, challenging, and rewarding all at once,” said the Mayor. “In the last three years I’ve learned so much and now realize just how much hard work that local elected officials put into their jobs,” he continued. “They have a lot on their plate and make decisions daily. I try to base my decisions on what is best for the community in the long run,” he continued. “I feel it is important for a Mayor to listen to the public. I work for the public to try to make Hartford City the best it can be,” he added. “I try to look at all aspects of a situation and do what is best. People may not always agree with my decisions, but there may be some factor that they are unaware of which causes me to lean in a certain direction,” he explained.

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