Miss Eubank’s Second Grade Class at Montpelier Elementary School

Summer Aguirre

First you put on the 50 mini

Jasper Ball

Let it defrost then cover it with egg youlk then you put it in the oven for one our then you eat it.

Journei Douglas

Unbox it and then put it in the oven for 2 hours. After that let it cool. After it cooled down it will Be Good to eat.

Reece Fields

Foshobithinyoventawtthinyofriitthin yoyobitntheuvenfor21wor4otbe

Sophia Lacy

First you catch the turkey. And then you pluck the turkey. And then you cut the head off. And then you cook they turkey for like 1 hour maybe… then I salt my turkey and then, yum!

Brady Miller

You shot it. you put it in the oven for at least 30 min. and you eat it. 

Jolie Mitchell

biu it and bricit home and stuf i oven piti in the urvin and 10 miniss

Grayer Orlando

Let it defrost then you cover it in eggyouck then you cook it for 1 ouer.

Daelon Richardson

You get the turkey put it for 25 minutes and puts. it makei t fea liy hot. eat it and enjoy it yum!

Allyson Stitnicky

Open the packeg it opin ovin potit to 30 minits after that sweet goos onit serv it.

Ethyn Willhite 

You take a trke and pot a trke in the uven for five minits and 8 ate minits and then take the trke out And cut it up end then eat.

Mr. Harvey’s Second Grade Class at North Side Elementary School

Ellie Aspy

Ingredients: You Turkey pan fillin cook

Directions: first you buy the turkey shin you git the turkey, shin you git the pan shin you tac afin at uf you hat gt et pot the file in the turkey shin you sic in the cook.

Kayden Beeman

Ingredients: soot and pepr turkey

Directions: first buy a turkey next cook it at a ra 1 Hore tene it wood be done!!!

Winston Brown

Ingredients: turkey solt

Directions: Buy at the Stare put in uvin go home and Wo nt in to 30 mines Wa nt in to it is Done then time to eat. later may bey Some tsalt and Butter Turkey cook pan buy fresh  barbeque sauce.

Aiden Disborough

Ingredients: peper solt ranch kechup Chees

Directions: First you buy the turkey. Then you get a pan and bake it. You can puta ingredient like peper are solt are some sos. and then you eat it.

Emily Evans

Ingredients: shuger stufing turkey

Directions: First You need to buy the turkey. Second you need to cook the turkey in the pan oven. Last you need to Sufing in the turkey. Then you are done

Levi Fields


Directions: Turkey cook it  an buy fresh barbe sauce

Brayleigh Goodwin

Ingredients: pepr oil sweetness

Directions: 1st you go to the groshrstore and get papr oil sweetness 2st you go get a trkei and tak it home 3rd you put it on a pan and cook it and put oil sweetness pepr onit then cook it more then take it off the stowe and then cut it and then eat it. 

Harper Jester

Ingredients: Pan stower bug oven meet turkey pot cook fresh

Directions: frit I Buy The turkey I Pot it in a pan I cook it in the stower I cook it and the meet get tibv and It is fresh and now we can ieat it.

Jerry Lewter

Ingredients: A trckey chickey

Directions: 1. We cock a trckey in the uven to cock a trckey.

      2. I Like to cock a trckey in the sov.

      3. I cock a trckey By me self.

      4. I how cock a trckey in the sov.

Noah Parker

Ingredients: pall sesin trckey oven

Directions: Frst you ned to get a trkey. Then you ned t put the turkey in the pan. In then you ned put the pan in the oven. Then you ned to sezin it. put it in the oven. 

Bridger Smith

Ingredients: get a turkey a pan a uven a plate and seasening.

Directions: Cut the turkey put seasening in the turkey. put the tukey in the uven then eat it.

Cambria Turney- Lannin

Ingredients: Turkey; salt; BBQ sauce, boiling water, cut and put on plate

Directions: First grab raw turkey. Second Put salt You don’t have to put salt on I just put salt because I like salt on turkey.) Next put BBQ sause. (I put on BBQ sause and salt on.) Next put it in boiling water in a pan. And then cut it. Andlast put it on a plate to eat!  

Ariah Wynn

Ingredients: tur key spices uven

Directions: How to cook a turkey you ned ya uven and ƨos like BarBeque ƨpises like sot and peper you neDy a turkey a Big turkey you you mite nedy olev ouyl You nedy a Bol and pan.Those are the end gredyes. 

Charlie Pauley

Ingredients: turkey stufing vegtBylls plates

Directions: Frist go to the stor and get Stufing and turkey and Vegtbylls and plates. next go home and cook the turkey and the stufing and take the turkey out of the uven and put the vegtyBylls arnd the turkey and put the stufing in the turkey. then set the turkey on the tabl. Then get plates and then get evry Body inƆ ther. and last grove drinks ad et the turkey.

Mrs. Aulbach’s Second Grade Class at North Side Elementary School

Jaleigh Aulbach

Fikst find a turkely and thall it out. Next you cook it for 1.00 hour then you take it out of the ovin Finally you eat it and invite peplle

Tripp Banter

I went to the woods and find a turkey Then I shoot The Turkey Then I take the faethers off of the turkey then I take the turkey to the stove then I what 40 min Then you eat the Turkey

Jezalynn Batten

First you Put The Turkey in The uven for 80 minits and Then You sesen it with salt and peper Then eat it Then Wash it With sope and then Put The Plate in a cabnet

Gabe Duff

You go to the frij to git the turkey. Then you take the bones out of the turkey. Next you cook the turkey for sixty minits. You to your famlese.

Max Gadbury

My dad and me went the bakyard. to get the turke yum u pluk the turke. we cook the turke. on the grill table. We eat it. Put it on the grill for 8 minets. Table and we eat the turke.

Pimber Halberstadt

Firtst you go to the stor. Next, you uu rapt the turkey. then you put the turkey in the sinkthen take it out an dry it then put it in the oven for 2 hour. Last After 2 hour you take it out and serve.

Carter Hunt

First you thaw it out and rinse. Next you take out the weird stuff like the gubler and put in the seesning. Next you fire up the smoker. Then if it is pounds it will take forty eiget hours for it to cook. Finally you dvawer it.

Aydin Jackson

First, you take the turky out of the refrigerater. Next, you put the turky into the oven for 45 minutes. Then, you take the turky out of the oven. Finally you put the turky on the table for the famly.   

Everleigh Kellogg

First you find a turkey and kill it. Next Clean the turkey to get rid of the germs. Then you cook the turkey for 4 to 6 hours. Finally you take it to the table and eat it.

Amaya Keyes

First you bucher the turkey Next you also get all the feather and you put it in the ovin for 25 mints Next and you take it out the ovin. it smlees so good you just want to take a Bite

Waverley Schauer

First you get the turkey. next you put the turkey in the ofin. Then you put the timer for twinte minits. then You take the turkey out of the ofin. Finally you eat it. It is good food.   

Maurlie Sharp

First I turn the oven on. Next you un thol it out for 5 hours. Next you rinse the turkey. Then you put the turkey in the oven for 2 hours. After the turkey is out of the oven you put peper on it. then you cut the turkey then you srvet and eat it.

Blakely Smith

First you need to cach a turkey. next you kill the turkey and rinse it of. Then you cook it for about an hour an sixty two mints. Finally you get the turkey out of the ufun and then you eat it.

Greyson Storer

First you by it. Then you cut it Then you cook it fot 51 minits Finally you tack it to Thancks giving and you eat it and and it’s good you thn every body.

Eloise Walter

First you take the fethers off. Next you you turn the oven on to cook it for a houer. Then you take it out of the oven and let it cool. Last you eat the yummy turkey.

Leeland Watson

My mom goes to the store and buys the turkey. Then she brings the turkey home and takes out the insided. Then my mom puts the turkey in a pan. Then my mom puts a lot of butter on the turkey. Then She gets the oven on, then She puts the turkey in the oven. Then When the turkey is done we eat all the turkey.

Markus Wyatt

First you put the turke in the ovin and set it on 64 minis. Then you eat it up and you put grave over it.

Mrs. Shelford’s Second Grade Class at North Side Elementary School

Ryder Alexander

First go to th store a get the turkey. Nest, Open the package then take out the neck and giblets from inside th turkey Last, Baste the turkey and bake it.

Katelynn Boyd

open the packag the turrey is in. iut seasoning on the taikey put the turke koy in the oven. eat the turketoy.

Sophia Calvery

First. Open the turkey. Next. put the turkey in the oven then. Tucke out the neck and the giblets. Last. cook the turkey.

Elijah Claybaugh

First Open the package. Next put t turkey In the oven. Then take it out. Last eat it.

Hunter Jarvis

First get aturkey.,

Nexst open the package.

then get out the giblets. 

aftr Poot it in the ofon.

last eat the turkey.

Kaebri Messersmith

First, you need to buy a turkey at the store. Second, you will need to get  the oven ready by turning it on. Next, you will unwrap the turkey and put it in a dish. Then, you need to add seasonings to the turkey. Finally, you need to bake the turkey. The last and final step, take the turkey out of the oven, make sure to use oven mitts. Eat your turkey and enjoy!!! 

Lane Ross

First you alke package off the turkey. Next you carve the turkey. Then put the turkey in the oven. Last you eat the turkey.

Blake Roysden

First cookit

next take it out

then cute it

Last now you can eat it

Blake Smith

First, open the packagge the turkey is in.

Next, put th turkey in the oven.

Then, carve th turkey

Last, eat the turkey.

Kamden Smith

First open the package and take the gutss out the neke Then put the seing on the turkey last put it in the oven.

Alayna Sparks

First goto the store to get a turkey Next open the package the turkey is in. Then put seasong on the turkey. Last put the turkey in the oven.

Alayna Twibell

first open the package

Next tack out the neck

Then put it in the oven

Last eat it

Henry Walda

First. You go to the stor. Next open the package the teurky is in Then, put the turkey. Last, eat the turky.

Neveah Wyatt

First go to the store to get the turkey. Next get the neck and the giblets out of the turkey. than baste the turkey and cover it. last put the turkey in the oven.

Mrs. Thurman’s Second Grade Class at North Side Elementary School

Noah Cassel

You haft to cook the turkey. shove the butter in the turkey. Mix the floel and sugar eggs and oil and. Water and mix together. Put the stuffing beside it. make mashed potatoes. lets eat

Ezekiel Corder

Ingredients. turkey, oven, knife 

1.Chop the turkey head off.

2.Cook the turkey.

3.Take the turkey out of the oven.

4.Bring the turkey to the table. Eat it! Mh mh mh. It was so good.

Kellan Delporte






5.tooth pick

6.salt and pepper


1.You have to have a turkey

2.Bake the turkey to 450, 50 minutes.

enjoy the turkey. 

Landess Finch

Ingredients: alive oil, water, Turkey, stuffing.

1.Mix the water and alive oil

2.stuff the turkey

3.cook the turkey for 1 hour for 560

4.lets eat

Liam Fowler

Injredients.. Turkey, stuffins oill

Stuf the turkey put the oill preheat the oven’ les eat.

Colston Gadbury

you need to put the Turkey on th Trey Boil the Turkey in the oil then put the Turkey in the oven. then cook the Turkey for 250.F then cut legs off. put the Turkey in the oven then put it on the tray.

Brantley Gary

Ingredients: turkey, oil, grill, pick temperture 60º, pepper, seasoning

1.Cook the turkey for 60º degrees.

2.Put oil on the turkey.

3.put pepper on the turkey.

4.Put seasoning on the turkey. 

5.Bake the turkey for 50 minutes.

6.Enjoy it !!!!! 

Curtis Hart

step 1. you need a Turkey.

step 2. you need a pan.

step 3. you need a oven.

step 4. you neet to put the Turkey in the pan 60 min oven, cut it eat it yum! 

Blaine Horn

Inigredients pepper, turkey, jalapenos, Hot sauce

step 1. put it in the oven

step 2. put it in for 6 houers.

step 3. Take it out let it coolofor 2 hours.

step 4. Then eat it.


Christopher Johnson

You need a turkey a knife a tray a oven a kitchen oil & seasoning.

1.Go to the kitchen.

2.Cut the legs off the turkey.

3.Boil the turkey in the oil.

4.Get a tray and put It on.

5.Put the seasoning on.

6.Put the turkey in the oven then Get it out.

7.lets eat! 

Josie Keplinger

Ingredients: turkey, oi, pan, oven

1.Put the turky in the pan.

2.Cook the turkey for 50 minutes.

3.Cook it at 450º degrees.

4.Eat it up!

Chris Lewter

Ingredients: turkey sugar eggs flour oil water and pan.

Mix tHe flour sugar eggs oil and water together. Hatter in a pan preheat tHe oven 630 degrees cut tHe turkey up season Put it oN a plate Set tHe table now lets eat. cook it for 50 minutes.

Abel Mahon

Ingredients: Knife Turkey Stuffing oil 500 degres.

1.Chop the turkey up then put the stuffing in the turkey.

2.Cook the turkey.

3.eat it yummy.

Zadie Newman. 

Ingredients: a turkey: oil: sprayoil: a pan: a oven: seasoning: fruit.

1.Put the oil and spray oil on the pan.

2.Put the turkey on the pan.

3.Stuff it

4.Put the seasoning on it.

5.Set the timer to 563 dugres.

6.Put fruit around it.

7.let the oven heat up.

8.Put the turkey in the oven.

9.let the turkey cook.

10.Tacke the Turkey

11.Enjoy yummy yummy

Cordelia Revolt

Ingeredients: turkey: grill: oil: pan: 60º: Salt: peper.

1.take the feathers off with a knife.

2.then once the feathers are off you will need to Season it with Salt and if you want peper

3.cook it on the grill for 60 degerees.

4. When the turkey is all cooked put it in a pan.

5.enjoy it.

Willow Riley

Ingredients: a turkey, seasoning, tray.

1.Cut the turkey’s head off with a knife. 

2.Put oil on the turkey set the oven to 530.

3.Put the turkey in a tray in the oven it go’s.

4.Let it cook for 35 minutes.

5.Now eat it yummy!

Christyahana Shoemaker

Ingned turkey pan stove butter

1.take a Turkey put a pan in the 

2.Shove butter into the turkey

3.put seasoning no the turkey and rub it.

4.put it in the stove at 240 degrers

5.for ƹ hour cheak evey hour

6.Let’ eat!

Jacob Winters

Ingredients: a Turkey cooking stuff

1 get a tUrkey.

2 Put stuffing.

Ƹ Put the tockey in the oven to for 30 min.

4 the turkey nesto cool.

5 Lets eat yummy

Ethan Wormer

Ingredients Turkey, oven

1.Put it in the oven.

2.Put it in for 400 degrees.

3.Put it in for 6 hours.

4.Let it cool off for 2 hours. 

5.Then enjoy it!

Bentley Yencer

Ingredients: turkey oven stuffing knife

1.Get a turkey.

2.Put in for 111 degrees and 40 min.

3.And cut it and stuff food in the Turkey.

4.Now eat it!

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