For the last few years, funds have been collected for the Capital Improvement Campaign Project for the Blackford County 4-H Fairgrounds. So far, over $200,000.00 has been collected, and the physical signs of what that money is being used for are finally here. Construction of the new Cattle Barn and Show Arena is progressing nicely.

The frame and roof were in place on March 7th. The photos accompanying this story were taken only two days later and show how quickly things are progressing. “Once completed this will have concrete flooring, lighting, and eventually heating and air conditioning,” stated Joey Payne. “In the past, we’ve had to cancel or postpone events at the fair due to weather. The new building will provide a possible location for these events when they occur regardless of the weather,” explained Payne. “It may also be used by the community for things like weddings, birthday parties, dances, and other events,” he explained. “Things are progressing nicely with the construction. We hope to have everything ready in time for the Fair in July,” said Payne.