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Old Blackford County Jail & The Ervin-Campbell Speakeasy

Hartford City, IN – Hundreds of Paranormal Investigators and Researchers will unite in celebration and acknowledgement of the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt on National Ghost Hunting Day on Saturday, September 25, 2021.  

This annual event will also be live streamed on StreamYard starting at 9 am EST and will go for 24-hours. This live stream will include some of the most haunted locations in the world, including Geelong Gaol in Australia, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, Tourkovounia in Greece, the Ancient Ram Inn in the UK, Bran’s Castle (Dracula’s Castle) in Romania, the infamous Conjuring House, Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, Kentucky, Ohio State Reformatory Prison in Mansfield, Ohio, and many, many more! 

For those interested in attending in person, Eclipse Paranormal will be hosting an investigation at the Old Blackford County Jail and the Ervin-Campbell Speakeasy with our pre-investigation meeting starting at 4 pm. You must be at least 18 years of age to attend, there will be a health screening as well, and afterwards, a tour of the locations then the investigating begins with our live stream starting at 9 pm EST at the jail and 10 pm EST at the speakeasy on StreamYard.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit If you have questions, feel free to e-mail us at info@eclipseparanormal or visit our Facebook page at @EclipseParanormal. The cost per person is $109.00 and includes both locations. Proceeds from this event will go towards the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of these historic properties.  

World’s Largest Ghost Hunt

World’s Largest Ghost Hunt on National Ghost Hunting Day is in its sixth year and has grown exponentially since it started in 2015, it is now being held in over 13 countries! The founder of WLGH, Maria Schmidt, former owner of the very haunted Seven Sisters Inn in Florida, took her vision of combining historic preservation and the paranormal to create this event.

During the event there will be two Command Centers, one will be located at the Conjuring House (The Farm on Round Top Road) and the other will be on the west coast. Stationed on the east coast will be John Zaffis, Cody Ray DesBiens, and Satori Hawes. In addition, they will also be hosting the nuptials of two investigators---Jami Urquhart and Dustin Marcia.  This is a first for both the Conjuring House and WLGH!

To add to the excitement, evidence will be collected through scientific equipment and the use of metaphysical (psychic/medium) communications. From past experiences and the data collected, there is a profound escalation of increased activity from what is called “Collective Conscious Energy.” In fact, many teams and locations start experiencing increased activity days before the event. “It’s almost like they are getting excited about the big party that is going to happen”, says Maria Schmidt, founder of World’s Largest Ghost Hunt and National Ghost Hunting Day.  

To manage the amount of spiritual activity happening during this time, a “Metaphysical Command Center” will be established at famous Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here, a team of highly respected para-celebrities and authorities in the Collective Consciousness Process will be positioned to orchestrate this exchange with the spiritual world. Accompanying Brian J. Cano and Dustin Pari, will be the Daughters of Hecate, featuring mediums Michelle Reuss and Kathrine Sorilos. By organizing almost 30 psychic mediums around the world, they are prepared to open and enhance communication with Spirit with powerful vigils, using a process called “The Bridge Experiment.” Just as important, they have built a fortress against any malevolent entities that are commonly believed to make entry and communicate with those investigating.

The goals of National Ghost Hunting Day are to raise public awareness of the best practices and professionalism in paranormal investigation, increase appreciation of local history and landmarks across the world, be a contributor to significant ongoing paranormal research, and to unite and organize a network of paranormal investigation/research teams in a common cause to benefit local preservation efforts of at-risk historical properties around the world.

Eclipse Paranormal

Eclipse Paranormal is based out Indiana with members living in the South Bend area and the Indianapolis area. Our event side has members not only based out of Indiana, but Missouri, Kentucky, and Ohio. Our goal is to help those in need of paranormal assistance and solutions, to educate and make those interested in the paranormal field more comfortable asking questions and learning in relaxed, nonjudgmental, unbiased, safe environment.

Our events offer a variety of investigations to choose from along with many locations. We take a smaller number of investigators so that you have a more personal experience, so there isn’t as much contamination, and so that you have time to ask questions. We also host our annual Women’s Para-Retreat Weekend and Conference to highlight women in all fields of the paranormal and starting in 2022, we will be hosting Man-CON featuring men in all fields of the paranormal as well.  

Contact Information

For more information about World’s Largest Ghost Hunt and National Ghost Hunting Day, please contact Haunted Journeys at 513-409-0080, or through the event’s website via e-mail at or  via social media at  / @GhostHuntingDay.

For more information about Eclipse Paranormal, visit our website at via e-mail at or on Facebook / @EclipseParanormal.

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